“Come & Go” our debut single receives #puregold review from FluxBPM

Dimitri Kechagias review: The legendary record label Magik Muzik presents the brand new production byStereojackers vs Mark Loverush. The collaboration between these very talented artists has as a result the magnificent Come and Go featuring brilliant vocals by Seri. We deal here with an energetic powerful prime time progressive trancer of the highest quality. Banging beats, energetic pumping pulsating basslines, hi-nrg synths and great melodic content that supports in the best possible way the very emotional vocal delivery by Seri. Her voice is so brilliant that will touch you deeply for sure and talk to your heart without doubts.  If you search for the next mainstage uplifting vocal trance anthem don’t look any further. You just found it so better play it as often as you can and watch more and more crowd coming on the dancefloor and not going of course. On remix duties Two&One who transform the track into their own well known and established by now sound. Deep electrotouched basslines, groovy crunchy techy beats, warm cinematic strings, melancholic melodies, playful application of the magical vocals and excellent progression of the various elements in order to reach the emotional and very inspiring breakdown. The build up towards the climax will excite the big crowds so when the manic beats and heavy basslines return will elevate the track to the next higher level of enjoyment and pure trance pleasure. This is just the part 1 so we are waiting for the rest of the remixes. #PureGold Love iT


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