FluxBPM Online Review Stereojackers v Mark Loverush Remixes of Delerium

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Dimitri Kechagias review: Delerium is one of the most beloved projects in electronica dance music scene. The original versions are usually chill out and loungy while various well known producers are commissioned to provide the club remixes that will support the tracks to widen their appeal. Until now superstar djs like Dj Tiesto, Matt Darey, Solarstone lately and now Stereojackers vs Mark Loverush provide the club updates to catapult the clubfloors worldwide. On Chrysalis Heart featuring the mesmerising vocals by Stef Lang the upcoming and very successful duo Stereojackers vs Mark Loverush are on board and we must confess that they did amazing job. Their version is a powerful upfront trance remix with tight bouncy beats, driving basslines and lovely trancy melodies on top. The vocal stands out and that balearic feel good soundtrack helps her definitely to come to the surface and shine.  The breakdown is really sweet with piano theme to die for while the drum roll lead us on the massive hands in the air epic proportions climax that is tough, energetic and so pleasurable. Excellent remix perfect for the summer clubs and open air festivals. Now the full package is offered including additional remixes. Ido of the famous Save The Robot project service the big room EDM prog house version to push the track to the mainstages and beyond. Banging beats, pumping punchy basslines and trancy melodies merged to get on board the listener to a great journey. The breakdown is dubstep infused while the climax continues with hands in the air and full on euphoria to pump our blood vessels up and down. Sleepthief remix is a blissed out chill out version that is even lighter than the original will mesmerise you with its electronic bleepy melodies, warm strings and piano. Perfect lyrics to sing a long and massive club package makes this release one of this summer highlights. Love IT!

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Stereojackers vs Mark Loverush

Delerium ft Stef Lang “Chrysalis Heart”